Wednesday 4 February 2009


Just heard on the radio: the return of the cold, snowy weather expected for tonight being referred to as...

"The up-coming snow event"

Maybe "DOWN-coming event" would be more appropriate!


SharonM said...

That'll be the upcoming snow event in the South of England that's been making national headlines for the past few days.
We had a lot of snow on Monday in Glasgow and didn't even get a mention (and the buses were still running and the schools stayed open). One of these years, maybe the Capital will be able to function in snowy weather.
Oh, by the way, it's snowing again in Glasgow 'don't panic!'
Apolos: Turning something into more of a crisis than it need be and then forgetting to grit the steps and pavements when they manage to get things running again.

Arts and Crafts said...

Lucky of you...

Today is my 35 yeessss..:)

Brian Sibley said...

LISAH - Regional discrimination! Shocking!

EUDORA - Your birthday? Hope it's a very happy one!