Sunday 25 November 2012


On a recent visit to Salisbury, Sheila and Roger picked up this edible souvenir: a 'Clotted Cream Flavour Fudge Bar' which comes 'as recommended by WOLFIE the Salisbury Cathedral Cat' who is engagingly featured on the wrapper...


On the back of said wrapper we read:

That being so, how much confidence can we place in the recommendation of Wolfie?

Or has Wolfie already passed on to a more celestial abode as a result of excessive fudge consumption?!

Joking apart, after a little research, I discovered the following:
Although domestic cats (Felis silvestris catus) possess an otherwise functional sense of taste, they, unlike most mammals, do not prefer and may be unable to detect the sweetness of sugars. One possible explanation for this behavior is that cats lack the sensory system to taste sugars and therefore are indifferent to them.
You (or your cat) can read more here!


Arts and Crafts said...

As an "owner" of cats I already knew this... but is very interesting the academic explanation. But, cats are very, very, very particular characters... For some time my Blimunda liked eating pistachios....;)

Brian Sibley said...

Pistachios? A refined palette and expensive taste!

SharonM said...

I wish I lacked the sensory system to taste sugars! I seem unable to get by without a daily fix of chocolate or sweets these days, alas!

Sheila said...

Apologies to cat lovers, but feline dietary problems are of no interest to me.

However, if you're thinking about buying your dog some Salibury Cathedral fudge, the consumer magazine Which? has some useful advice at: