Sunday 18 March 2007


An odd bit or serendipity…

Our local cinema is showing, concurrently, The Good GERMAN and The Good SHEPHERD,

The week after Crufts Dog Show, I was half hoping to find they were also screening a movie called The Good GERMAN SHEPHERD!

Now, that would have been something to blog about!

[Image: Hawaiian Dog Stuff from Dakinedog]


Maxine Clarke said...

"Being Jane Malcovich" or "Becoming Jane Malcovich" -- not as good as yours, though, but they have a nice ring.
"The day after tomorrow never comes" perhaps?

Brian Sibley said...

I'd go and see any of those! Watching my step on the sidewalk, of course, as advised by Mr S!

Good Dog said...

I'd be interested in 308 1/2.

Fellini's story about a hassled film maker holding firm at the Hot Gates.

Brian, is this a try out for your next competition?

Brian Sibley said...

I didn't think so... Maybe it just turned into a competition without my realising it!