Saturday 10 March 2007


The last of my regular readers to to express their likes and loathings is Ridley Walker who, in response to being given the letter 'L' shows himself to be seriously passionate about 'Life', 'Love' and 'Literature' and (for some reason) 'Lava Lamps'!

But Ridley really gets into his stride when inveighing against 'List Shows', 'Local Colour' and 'Lowest Common Denominators'.

Read the full lists on his News Sluice blogspot, which he imaginately describes as The blundering vomitorium of an unarmed wit - although, as you'll see, he's not entirely without weaponry!

[Letter L by Erte]


David Weeks said...

Elegantly written, and heartfelt too!

I guess I'm the only one who has not braved the request for a letter so ~ please assign me a letter ~ but not too hard please. As it is, I may have to ask Buttons to assist!

Brian Sibley said...

OK, David, your letter is 'M'. Mmmmmmm!