Monday 12 March 2007


There’s a game of blog-tag going around and I got tagged by Brian Sibley…

Yes, yes, I know

But this is another Brian Sibley who lives in the USA.

The idea is that I have to reveal FIVE things about myself that no one (or most people) won’t know and then tag five other bloggers to carry on the game…

So, here are my five little-known Sibley facts.

I have…

1) Performed, solo, on the stage of the London Palladium…
My God, but it’s a big stage! By the time you’ve walked to the centre spot, you’ve aged six months!

2) Taken tea with Julie Andrews…
And she actually said: “Shall I be mother?”

3) Preached a sermon in the Chapel of Magdalene College, Cambridge…
Unfortunately I shocked the porter because I didn’t have any robes! “You’re a free-church minister then are you, sir?” he asked and when I told him I was a layman, he went very pale and almost fainted away!

4) Spent the night in Cannon Row Police Station...
All further details withheld!

5) Dubbed the voice of Christopher Lee as Saruman…
It was ONLY a TEMPORARY soundtrack mocked-up during the making of the extended cut of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, but if Mr Lee had ever found out he would have been seriously NOT amused!

That's five of my not-so-dark secrets revealed and I now tag the following bloggers:

David Weeks
Good Dog
Irascible Ian
Queen Anne's Revenge
Ridley Walker
Silly Billy

So, what FIVE things about you doesn't anyone know? Tell me if and when you blog details of your secret life and I'll post a link.

Meanwhile, regular readers who have the misfortune (or possibly the good luck) to be 'blogless' are welcome to use my blog as a confessional!

[Image: Children's Games by Pieter Brueghel (including touch-tag)]


Anonymous said...

Hello Brian,

Perhaps you should publish these revelations about yourself as "Sibley's- Believe It or Not!"

Incidentally, by popping in like this, am I at risk of being tagged?

Unknown said...

If you're supposed to tag five bloggers why have you tagged ten?

Must admit I'm struggling to find five bloggers to tag (most bloggers I know got tagged a long time ago and have already been through this).

Hopefully I'll have the thing sorted out by tomorrow.

Brian Sibley said...

PETE - You're safe, I've already tagged too many pople (see above)!

SCROOGE - I too still want to know why I got held overnight... :-0

IAN - I know! I know! I just felt like breaking the rules and didn't want to offend any of my precious readers! Actually, there's at least three who'll never get round to doing it and I'll happily excuse two more if that ensures I don't get banned from future blogger games... ;-)

Riddley Walker said...

Hehehe, consider it done. I thought I’d best get it sorted sharpish, as there’d be no-one left to tag! You got Ian and Sir Good of Dog. Pity the poor souls I’ve now tagged... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Brian (my doppleganger) -

Nice work! I particularly liked seeing your use of Brueghel ... It reminds me of a production of Caryl Churchill's "Top Girls" I was involved with a couple of years ago... Thanks for responding to the tag, and I appreciate the link!

-Brian Sibley (The American One)

David Weeks said...

Ok I've been tagged and now responded at:

Anne said...

That is really interesting. Thanks for tagging me. You caught me at a disadvantage, while I was getting over a flu and couldn't think right from all the medicine... but I did my best.

Brian Sibley said...

Anne - Thanks for taking part when you were still poorly - and for the insights into YOU! :-)