Friday 28 November 2008


Congratulations to


who, this week (according to his blog), performed his


Magic Show!

I never tire of watching him perform, whether for children or adults:
it's a great gift to be able to be able to create



SharonM said...

Congratulations David!

Can you please magic away these horrid word verification thingies - which are sometimes illegible.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, David. I assume the figure of 4,000 does not include the impromtu events on Kalymnos of which I have been fortunate enough to see a number of. I still can't work out where that cigarette goes to.
I guess that is the mark of a truly great magician, where you watch him perform the same trick a dozen times and even when you know what is about to happen you still cannot see it.

Anonymous said...

The last magic show I went to was about 12-13 years ago with my daughters, and I vowed to keep an eye on what was actually going on & not get sucked into the trick. Fat chance! These people know what they're doing! Congratulations David!
UNIZERHU: the ability of a magician to get to watch ONLY him and not the stuff going on "behind" to trick you!
(I think I'm getting the hang of this Brian!)

Boll Weavil said...

Congratulations to David - a true magician and to the magician behind the camera for capturing such a magnificent and genuine moment.

Trinsver : A word composed, apparently at random, by computer to which no silly definition can be realistically applied and which, owing to the presence of a random rogue letter at the end,cannot be made to rhyme with anything.

Arts and Crafts said...

Congratulations! of course. Look that young girl... is a gift and a blessing make so happy the little people.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, David, (loved the suit!) Like Andy, I still can't see how you do it even when I'm next to you.
Roger O B...
Thodi: Norse God of Magic.

David Weeks said...

What nice things your readers say ~ Thank you.
Here's to the next 4000!

STEMIAL: The taking of one magic principle and applying it to create other effects. (Spell check wants it to be 'STIMULI', which is, of course, related.)

David Weeks said...

Andy wrote: 'I assume the figure of 4,000 does not include the impromptu events on Kalymnos'

No it doesn't . . . add those, off the cuff shows, and I've done twice the number over the years.

CYCNINA: Hirschfeld getting ready to draw.

Brian Sibley said...

Gosh these 'word verification' definitions are becoming abstruse...

For those who don't know, Al Hirschfeld was a great American caricaturist who always incorporated the name of his daughter - Nina - somewhere within the detail of his drawings..

For more information, see: