Sunday 16 December 2018


The last couple of weeks have passed in a kind of nightmare while attempting to meet a constantly changing book deadline, so have had the time to do much in the way of Dickens-Caroling...

However, I did manage to shoe-horn in a viewing of Alastair Sim's Scrooge (1951), still many people's out-and-out favorite version, and it's really not difficult to see why: the usually affable Sim gives a consummate performance as the curmudgeonly humbug and is then deliriously infectious in the scenes of reformation and transformation. His chuckles and whoops of joy are a delight all the more sweet for following on from his earlier barking and growling.

And, yesterday, The Muppet Christmas Carol: cinematic joy of joys! Nothing truly needs to be said about this film, other than if you've never seen it, then –– "See it!" And if you have seen it, then –– "See it again!"

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