Thursday 8 June 2006


Scouring the internet for apartments in Venice, I have found some truly evocative property descriptions, such as “large leaving room, very lighty, with arc windows over the underneath canal.”

One of the best, however, is this advertisement that - were I not seriously allergic to cats - would be impossible to resist:

“Apartment Eva is an apartment in San Polo area, near the Church Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari. Situated on the first floor, it is composed of a bedroom, kitchen, little bathroom and a terrace with a table and the chairs.

“This is an apartment where a young journalist Sabrina lives. She spends a lot of time out of her house and
sometimes rents her apartment for short stay.

“There is a cat named Eva, who lives in apartment. Sabrina picked her up and took care about her. And now, when she is away her friends take care about her, and when apartment is rented to some guest, they should devide apartment with Eva. In case you like cats she would be glad to share apartment with you.

“Eva is completely authonomouse. There will be the food for her, you should only give it to Eva.”

As opposed, presumably, to anyone else!

[The cat in the snap (by David) is not - as far as I am aware - ‘Eva’, but she is a genuine Venetian feline and is probably equally “authonomouse”!]

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Emily said...

That's great.

You sure there's nothing you can take to keep your allergies from bothering you?

It's just not every day that you find an apartment that comes with a cat named Eva and cat food...

Maybe I should just move there. Venice is probably one of my favorite places in the world.