Wednesday 7 June 2006


Today is the day that may very possibly settle England’s fate in the World Cup. ‘Psychic Guru’ (or, as some believe, ‘magician’) Uri Geller is teaming up with ‘Believe’ - formally known as ‘Mars’ bars (see yesterday’s blog) - to stage a ‘Believe-athon’ aimed at putting “positive thinking to the test for England”.

OK, no sniggering in the back row! I have it on good authority that Mr Geller will be performing “a series of mind control/power displays” after which attendees at the ‘Believe-athon’ will be “asked to focus their energies on spurring our lads to victory in Germany through a unique world first activity”.

I sincerely hope this is a Tax Deductible expense for Messrs Mars, but personally, I think they’d have been better off asking the help of my friend Ali Bongo…


Diva of Deception said...

Oh no! This means England are definitely not going to win anything!

After all, when Uri 'interfered' with Reading and Exeter they both met with disastrous results!

Reading only got promoted years after the Geller effects wore off!

Rob Cox said...

This is bad news!! Some years ago I believe Uri G put some crystals under the dressing room floor to help Reading FC (my team!). That year they were relegated.

In 1997 he used his powers to help Exeter City in a crucial match. They lost 5 - 1!!

Bad news indeed!!