Monday 5 June 2006


Today dawned with blue skies, sunshine and all things bright and beautiful; so, having spent hardly any time with one another over the weekend, and knowing that the same would be true of week ahead, David and I headed off to Brighton where we had a very relaxing day and caught the sun - in my case rather painfully: which was obviously some kind of judgement for having run away to play on a day when most people are trapped in work!

Brighton is so comfortingly unchanging - except for the further collapse of the dinosaur bones that are the last remnant of the West Pier and the arrival of some hairy-scary new attractions on the Palace Pier. For the rest, it is much as it’s been for a good few generations. Indeed, some things haven’t really changed since Queen Victoria stayed at the Royal Pavilion and Lewis Carroll rode Volk’s Electric Railway along the promenade.

My lobster impressions aside, it was really very restful and refreshing. I think, more than anything, I should like to live beside the seaside… My anxieties and tensions seem to wash away in the turning tide and I feel calmed, soothed and de-stressed.

Of course, this is scarcely surprising since, as one born under the sign of Cancer the Crab (the central water sign of the Zodiac), I am merely responding to my astral nature and the relentlessly restless pull of the moon… Not, I would add, that I believe in all that astrology nonsense for one moment --- which, incidentally, is a typically Cancerian response!

[Image: © Brian Sibley]

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