Saturday 3 June 2006


A recent blog by my friend Soph (‘Polkadots’ on my Links listing) reveals that time operates in a different - and seemingly more generous fashion - in Spain. So, pop off and see what she says and then come back and I’ll continue…………….

OK? Well, I believe that Soph is probably touching on something deeply profound - maybe even a discovery that will put Einstein’s revelations about relativity in the equivalent of the Spanish mid-day shade.

The truth is, time is not really as simple as it seems when they teach us how to read a clock in primary school… If it were, it would not be possible to read three back-issues of ‘Marie Clare’ (all with the crosswords filled in), two ‘Hello’ magazines (with the last page of most stories torn out because they had shopping coupons on the other side) and a 1973 copy of ‘The Reader’s Digest’ (containing an article entitled “My Prostate and I”) while waiting at the dentist's to have a root-canal filling...

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