Thursday 8 June 2006


It's OK, it was just a false alarm!

I’ve just noticed that two days have passed since the calendar read 6/6/06 and yet, despite the remake of ‘The Omen’ having opened (happily to dismal reviews) and dark media-rumours of rampant paranoia amongst expectant mothers not wishing to give birth on such a seemingly inauspicious date, there’s no actual sign that the Anti-Christ is now in our midst - apart, of course, from the usual suspects…

But what do I know? I’m just a cynic. Far better to consult an informed oracle and I commend (either because, if you’re a believer, you may find it helpful or because, if your not, it’s good to spend at least a few minutes each day wondering why-the-internet-is-full-of-such-scarily-strange things) a web-page entitled What about Barcodes and 666: The Mark of the Beast?

You that have ears to hear, listen for the sounds as the bar-code reader scans your bargain-value pack of toilet tissue... It is the call of the Beast: "Clickety-clickety-click..."

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