Tuesday 20 June 2006


Following my fly-on-the-wall confession of yesterday, Harriet Macdonald - a member of my absurdly talented (adopted) family in Tasmania - sent me this cover-art for my still-to-be-completed thesis on “The Relationship between Flies and Dead Composers”!

With a wrapper-design like this, how can it fail to sell a zillion copies and totally revolutionise musical appreciation throughout the known world?

[Image: © Harriet Macdonald 2006]


Unknown said...

Love the image. But what do all those initials stand for?

Brian Sibley said...

'PHD', of course, is self-explanatory; as for the rest, Harriet Macdonald elucidates as follows:

DFY: Doctor of Flyosophy

SFT: Singing Fly Tunes

TRS: Team of Rare Scientists

So, now you know!