Saturday 10 June 2006


Shouldn't have mocked... By 4.00 a.m., I was developing several nice, by-the-book, penicillin side-effects: aching joints and muscles, swollen face, itching eyes, pins-and-needles; though not, to my great relief, the much to be abhorred 'black, hairy tongue…'

After a call to the emergency doctor, I was taken off the medication and have to go to a pharmacy in Brixton to which - it all sounds very unlikely - they will have a faxed a new prescription for a non-penicillin antibiotic...

Interesting, by the way, that 'antibiotic' was coined from the Greek words 'anti' (against) and 'bio' (life). Hmm, 'against life'? Not the most reassuring name to have come up with!

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