Saturday 12 May 2007


Overheard in Edinburgh...

1st American:

Sure is a beautiful castle!

2nd American:
Yeah... but a real pity they built it so close to the railway!

[Image: Stuck on Scotland]


Brian Sibley said...

GILL writes:

"Last time I heard that story it was Windsor Castle and the airport!

"These Americans do get around......."

Brian Sibley said...

GILL - Well, yes, they DO! And they even (sometimes) say such things --- though not as often as we sometimes smugly believe!! Unless they are George W Bush, of course! ;-)

SharonM said...

And if they're from Kansas they don't seem to get around much. Someone from there once asked, from a call centre, if Scotland was in England or Ireland.
Another native of the state, when I told them I was Scottish said: "Oh my, you speak English - you speak real good English!"

Must be something to do with the tornados.

Anonymous said...

Overheard in Bruges (Belgium), otherwise known as the Venice of the North: "What time does the park close?" by a group of Americans wondering through the pictoresque streets...

Ike2248 said...

Having worked as a "copper" in London, it's amazing what the Americans will ask you. Directions are the obvious and they seem to believe you actually know the whole of the UK in your head.!
However, it's their pronounciation of places that throws you. Example;
Beelaireekay (which was actually Billericay in Essex). This one had me stumped for several minutes because they didn't give me the Essex bit as a clue.!

Brian Sibley said...

Great Stories! Thanks! I particularly like "What time does the park close?" Disneyland (love it though I do) has a LOT to answer for!!

i-chronic said...

Air hostess on a recent flight from New York to Edinburgh..."we will shortly be landing in Edinboro... erm..Edinburrrrg...erm no..erm... Your Destination."

Although in all fairness some of our names are a bit difficult.
As Victoria Wood in Dinner Ladies says on the possibilities of moving to Scotland:
"everywhere in Scotland is spelt Ecclefechan and pronounced Kircubrie."

Brian Sibley said...

Thank you, WELLINGTON! This is a GREAT site and indespensible if you are planning going anywhere in the Scottish highlands or lowlands and don't want to appear stupid as well as a sassenach!

Having stayed with friends in 'Milngavie', I felt very smug about knowing that it was pronounced 'Mill-guy'.

Someone should now do the same for English place-names so people visiting 'Mauzel' in Cornwalll won't disgrace themselves by calling it 'Mousehole'!

Anonymous said...

No, really?

Is Windsor Castle that close to Heathrow?

Similarly, heard on the top of the Eiffel Tower, in an accent that suggested its owner came from the same country as the character in this tale:

"Hey, look over here, honey - you can see all of France!"

Brian Sibley said...

Love it!!

Anonymous said...

I still prefer my (actual) experience in The Louvre, when two American women walked past me, one carrying a clipboard. As they reached the Mona Lisa, the one with the board looked up, then down again, saying "Seen it" and ticked it on her list!

Brian Sibley said...

SHIRLEY - Yep, I bet Mona has seen a good few people "ticking her off" in her time!