Wednesday 30 May 2007


As that excellent panel game, Call My Bluff used to demonstrate so eloquently, the English language is full of the most amazing array of words suited to just about any and every occasion in which you might find yourself lost for words!

Which is why I've been toying with the idea of an occasional series of short rambles into old dictionaries.

Sometimes I might just introduce readers to a word that has been languishing unused and unloved for far too long; while, on other occasions - such as today - I might make it the subject of a----


So, here's today's word...


Now, I know what LUCE means, what I want to know is what you think LUCE ought to mean!

Send me your deft definitions and I'll select the wittiest and most apposite entries * for everyone to enjoy!

* For "the wittiest and most apposite entries" read "all entries"!!

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