Friday 25 May 2007


So, if you are really and truly "ARE what you eat", then WHAT are you if you eat this...?

Well, obviously...

NUTTY, FRUITY and... er... SEEDY?!


Anonymous said...

Yeah well, nuts I've always been, no problem there. Fruity probably. But as I'm not a bird of the feathered variety I'm not that keen on seeds, so!!!
Remember that Cadbury's ad back in the 70's? "Nuts, whole hazelnuts uh... Cadbury's take 'em and cover 'em in chocolate". That used to be our war cry in the school corridors...!

Miss Deadline said...

Why are you buying anything that puts money into the hamster faced old cows' pocket?
Tsk, Tsk!

Anonymous said...

I suppose to some people, the occasional inclusion of scantily clad men on your blog would put you into the seedy category :) Personally, I have no objections at all.

S.B. said...

If I eat meat, does that make me "Meaty?"

Well, I guess if I ate enough of it, it sure would.

Brian Sibley said...

SUZANNE - Yes, those were days when a jingle was a jingle for LIFE!!

MISS DEADLINE - WHICH 'hamster faced old cow'?? And I bought them for the blog, of course!!

QENNY - No objections from me either; almost time for some new ones, I'd say! ;-)

SILLY BILLY - I'm sure you're meaty where it matters, Silly!