Friday 4 May 2007


After yesterday's wildly unsuccessful experiments to discover my celebrity look-alikes, I decided to see who the CELEBRITIES looked like.

There are a couple of fortuitous guesses and several truly inspired leaps in the dark... but I'll just let the results speak for themselves! Click on any image to enlarge.

Look-alikes rounded up by My Heritage.


Brian Sibley said...

PHIL commented (on yesterday's post because Blogger was screwing up on allowing comments AGAIN!):

"Comments don't seem to be enabled for today's blog, so I'm going to confuse you by leaving my comments on yesterday's blog!

"Is the Blair = Thatcher match real, or did you Photoshop this yourself? It's inspired, but too good to be true.

"This software obviously needs more work, as it has failed to show the Pope's most obvious lookey-likey: Kenneth Kendall. (And sometimes Ann Widdecombe...)"

Brian Sibley said...

PHIL - Regarding your comment on 'The Blair Witch Project Unmasked': yes, it IS, I promise you, absolutely genuine!

I don't have Photoshop, don't know how to use it - or have the TIME to do so... That is the precise match that My Heritage came up with, even though, as you say, it does seem, too good to be true.

I guess we'll just have to enjoy the serendipity that is dodgy internet software!

And yes, you're right, Ann Widdecombe IS the Pope --- but probably only on alternate Fridays!

Anonymous said...

The Queen looks like Adam Ant. I love it!

I suppose we'll never know, but it's possible she tried some experimental birthing technique when she was bringing the future king of England into the world. "Stand and deliver."

Unknown said...

Helen Mirren bah! There's a wonderful film to be made starring Whoopi Goldberg as The Queen...

Anonymous said...

I always thought this could be what George Dubya looked like as a boy: