Monday 28 May 2007


After my use, yesterday, of the latin aphorism 'carpe diem' - which, as everyone who's ever seen Dead Poets Society will know, means 'seize the day' - I stumbled across a whole joke-book full of humorous variations on the 'carpe' theme that, frankly, I'm surprised Robin Williams didn't incoporate into the DPS script!

I then discovered that several of them are available as logos on T-shirts, sweatshirts, boxer shorts, thongs, caps, coffee mugs, coasters, tote bags and fridge magnets...

What more could one ask?!

carpe noctum = seize the night

carpe carp = sieze the fish

carpe deum = god is a fish

crape diem = bad day

carp diem = complain daily

carpe per diem = seize the cheque

carpe cocoa = seize the chocolate

carpe calypso = seize the day-o

carpe canem = seize the dog


carnivore carpe = RUN!!

[Carpes 'caught' at Fun With Words; to enjoy the full range of avilable Carpe Design products, visit Cafe Press at Just4Yucks!]


Anonymous said...


Can't type. Laughing. Spitting up drink. Carpe Carp. Hee! Crape Diem. Brilliant! Carpe deum. Ha! I love it!

I don't know where you find this stuff, Brian. I really don't.

I'm gonna go carpe cocoa.

Boll Weavil said...

As happens so many times though, Mr B, life is always funnier than art. The wittiest of these phrases I have come across is the appropriately named 'Te Deum' - the title song that not only announces the start but also describes the contents of the Eurovision Song Contest. At least the watchers can't say they weren't warned !

Brian Sibley said...

CAFRINE - Where do I find this stuff? Mostly under rather large moss-covered stones and inside old tin boxes hidden behind ivy-covered walls!

BOLL WEAVIL - Personally, I've never understood why Charpentier's setting for the prayer known as the 'Te Deum' became the theme for the European Broadcasting Union... Hang on... Sorry... I've just got it! Te Deum - TEDIUM! That is BRILLIANT! Love it!!

SharonM said...

Sadly, I wonder if some of your inspiration comes from having Carpe Tunnel Syndrome.

I wonder if we can expect the likes of Blogs about Touwrists or Wednesday Windows devoted to photos of tunnels in the future.

Brian Sibley said...

LisaH - You are cruel and heartless woman! ;-)

SharonM said...

It's only because, like you, I'm young at heart, but somewhat decrepit.

Feel free to sling back some comments in kind when I get my shoulder op. Which reminds me - must go and bone up on what they do when you've got a dirty great chunk of calcification hanging down inside your shoulder like a stalactite.

Brian Sibley said...

LisaH - Persoanlly, I think that "looking up" anything that involves knives, forceps and people in masks poking around inside bits of you is a BAD IDEA!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Although none of them amuses me quite as much as some tortured Latin I saw on the toilet wall of the Philosophy Department in Glasgow University:

Cogito ergo sumo - I think, therefore I wrestle.