Friday 9 November 2007


Hotel rooms are, to me, a constant source of fascination - occasionally they are a real and satisfying surprise, more often than not, however, they are a sorry disappointment. But in every case (good, bad or indifferent) the hotel - your home away from home - is absolutely nothing like your own home --- or, indeed, the home of anyone you've ever known!

For example, on a previous visit to Amsterdam our hotel bedroom had the singular distinction of lacking any of those prints and pictures (of invariably little or no artistic merit!) that are a usual part of the holiday hotel experience.

In fact the only decoration was dramatic, simple and proscriptive...

On our most recent visit (in another wing of the same hotel) we had a very different room: although still lacking pictures it did have a wonderfully outrageous, illuminated, bed-head 'window' onto the tulip fields of Holland --- and, frankly, we were rather surprised at the size of the blooms!

Images: © Brian Sibley, David Weeks, 2007


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love those tulips - beautiful!

Boll Weavil said...

I don't think I could stay in the second room,I would expect to have my dreams haunted by John Wyndhamesque Triffids chasing me if I slept in such a bed. Mind you, after some of the nights I've had in Amsterdam, the first illustration would be pretty useful when returning to the hotel room of an evening.

Elliot Cowan said...

Maybe the arrow is pointing to the glory hole.