Tuesday 2 September 2008


We're in Greece, but from Elsewhere...

More sensational revelations continue to flood in from my tireless e-mail spamsters...

Rowling announces next Harry Potter book

Leonardo Di Caprio caught canoodling
with Blake Lively in NY bar

Paris Hilton tosses Dwarf on the Street

Afghanistan to be 52nd US State

McDonald's Happy Meals in San Francisco
to include Gay Marriage License

Osama Seen Dining at The Paris Ritz

Britney Spears and Michael Jackson
to write Parenting Book

Michael Jackson Auctions Himself on Ebay!

and even better...

Aliens Abducted by Michael Jackson


Boll Weavil said...

Sibley's Weeks Nude in Greece - We get to the Bottom of Famous Beach Pic !

Anonymous said...

That last one is just wishful thinking ... although it would explain a lot!