Friday, 12 September 2008


On the menu for today's Woman's Hour (BBC Radio 4):

"Is offal really back?"

Unfortunately, I missed the answer; so, if anyone knows, please advise a.s.a.p. The suspense is agonising!


Anonymous said...

There has been an increase in things like Portuguese style chicken liver dishes on menus I've seen recently. And given the economic downturn, and the sharp increase in food prices, it's pretty inevitable that some people will turn to cheaper cuts of meat - such as offal. So I'd guess that the answer might be yes.

Brian Sibley said...

Do they have to be Portuguese chickens or will other nationalties do?

Anonymous said...

Turkish chicken livers are pretty good too!

JK said...

Listen to that programme on BBC iPlayer (by Friday morning) and find out:

Offally sorry if you already know about this.

Brian Sibley said...

Thanks, James, the question was kind of rhetorical (it struck me as a slightly bizarre statement - but perhaps that was just my odd way of listening to things): anyway, it's good to know the answer... :-)