Saturday 28 March 2009


Today, is an opportunity to save a few pennies on your electricity bill -- oh, yes, and do a teeny-weeny bit towards helping the environment...

I know it's tokenism, but it's good to be reminded - if only once a year - of what we humans are costing Mother Earth.

Ironically, I'm going to be in a theatre; still, at least the house-lights will be out as will those at home, though I'm not quite sure that counts as active participation...

Check out details of the World Wildlife Fund's Earth Hour here.

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andy in greece said...

Did you know that if we had turned off every light and electrical appliance in UK for the hour the total saving in energy would be negligible?
Most of our electricity comes from coal fired power stations and since they need to burn coal at a constant rate our use of fossil fuel and consequently pollution for that period would be the same regardless of whether we used the electricity generated or not.