Tuesday 7 November 2006


As much as I love taking photographs, I seldom succeed in getting the shots I see in the split second before I raise the camera to my eye! Which is why I so admire the photography of others - from the work of past masters to many of those who, thanks to the wonders of the web, are instantly able to share their images with the rest of the world.

I enjoy looking at a lot of people’s flickr albums (By the way, why is the ‘e’ missing? Anyone know?) and every now and again see work that seems to me to be something special.

My blogger-friend Catherine Doherty from Oz (‘Cafrine’ of the always entertaining the wonky comma) has an amazing eye and I find her photographs - which include landscapes, plant and animal studies as well as some extremely cool abstracts - consistently engaging and often surprising...

What I like most about Catherine's pictures is that she repeatedly eschews the obvious, choosing instead to focus on some aspect of detail or richness of texture that enables the viewer see objects in a new light and - sometimes literally - from a different angle…

You can visit Catherine’s flickr selection here; and I have blogged another of her photos on today’s Window Gazing.

[Images: © Catherine Doherty]

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