Thursday 16 November 2006


Driver announcement on a London Underground Piccadilly Line train which had been standing in Charing Cross station for some five or six minutes:

"We apologise to customers for the fact that we will be delayed for a few moments longer --- this is in order to improve the regularity of the service..."

Still, it gave me an opportunity to enjoy David Gentleman's superb mural without any annoying travellers getting in the way!


Shahrzad said...

A very nice write. It gave me the opportunity to see that mural too. Thank you.
Wish you the best.

Brian Sibley said...

For some bizarre bloggy reason, MATT was unable to leave the following comment. This is what he WOULD have said, if he COULD have said...

"Yep, that mural is the best on the underground. Ah, I almost MISS the tube!"