Saturday 27 December 2008


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"The senses are so dazzled and almost
I think, on arriving here,
that we are tempted at first
to run
(or rather swim) up and down...

...staring at one thing...

...peeping at another...

...and endeavouring to find our way about
the strange new world, much as a cat does
on arriving at a new abode."

- Frances Trollope

Of course, back in the 19th Century, Fanny Trollope - who was a novelist and, incidentally, the mother of Anthony (Barchester Chronicles) Trollope - probably had people to show her the sites of Venice.

Today's visitors - despite being told that half the fun of visiting the city is in getting lost - are often encountered in the desperate throes of map-reading - usually with the aid (or not) of a totally inadequate map!

There are, in fact, only a couple of decent maps of Venice - and the best of those is the one from Magnetic North - but you'll never find them on sale in the city!

Images: Brian Sibley & David Weeks © 2006/8

For more Venice imagery, visit my website to view the album Venice Observed and then follow the links at the foot of that page to three further albums of photographs.

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Boll Weavil said...

I only did this once and ended up walking around a maze of little alleyways for a long time.It was a Sunday evening and there weren't too many people about. Eventually, we came to the water's edge and a vaporetto stop. We just jumped on and escaped.As all routes end up at the Lido (where we were staying), it didn't really matter where it went first !
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