Monday 29 December 2008


After posting that photo of Walt Disney in a gondola earlier today, we spotted - on our way back from the Ospidale - a nasty glass figurine of his Master's Mouse playing gondolier with Minnie as passenger...

Needless to say, this is not a genuine, authorised, copyrighted Disney image - but then, again, this particular piece of 'Genuine Venetian Glass' was very probably made in Taiwan!

As for the invalid: I've got to keep wearing the bandage, keep taking the tablets, keep off food that requires biting or chewing and, as far as possible - and this is a bit of a challenge - keep my trap shut!!


Anonymous said...

O this is tragic. how can you be in Italy & not eat? I heard ice cream from Gelateria Alaska is tophole! could you manage a little of that? Be better before New Year.

UNDEWO- suffering from a lack of underpants blogging

Brian Sibley said...

Gelateria Alaska (in Santa Croce) is a bit of a trek from San Marco, but we have a not-bad alternative just down the street who are doing me proud!

As soon as possible in 2009, I'll try and find something 'fitting' for your undewo needs!!

SharonM said...

I'm with Jen - and we don't mean a photo of you wearing a pair of underpants to keep your recalcitrant jaw in place.
Seriously, I hope that you can find plenty of tasty liquids and soft food to consume.
MANTIONO: Person of the male gender wearing rather curious face clothes in Venice

Rob Cox said...

Brian - I think you have had enough bad luck in 2008 to have used up your quota for 2009 so maybe next year will be a good one for you. I certainly hope so! In the meantime - enjoy what's left of your holiday as best you can and keep your trap shut! As for David - enjoy the silent serenity while you can!!

Anonymous said...

Underpants to keep your wayward jaw in place - interesting idea! No eating or talking or I suppose laughing during this season - now that is really tough! Is that why you're blogging so often during your hols?
slingsti: the Venetian word for g-string

Brian Sibley said...

JEN, LISAH & SUZANNE - Ladies! Does your incorrigability know no bounds?!

ROB - David read the words, "silent serenity" and sorted! I think he muttered "As if..."