Saturday 13 December 2008

A BIRD IN THE HAND... worth two on the radio.

Just discovered (Thanks, Sheila! Thanks, Mandy!) that my radio entertainment, And Yet Another Partridge in a Pear Tree... starring Penelope Keith is being given another airing. This Cautionary Tale for Christmas showing that it is Better to Give than to Receive can be heard tomorrow (Sunday) on BBC Radio 7 at 11:30 and 21:30 and, via the BBC's 'Listen Again' facility on iPlayer, for the following seven days.

For those who have, so far escaped this piece of seasonal nonsense, the exquisite Miss Keith plays Cynthia Bracegirdle, the hapless recipient of those bizarre gifts doled out by an admiring lover on the first (and subsequent eleven) days of Christmas.

You can read the full text of the Bracegirdle letters on my website, Brian Sibley: The Works.

And in answer to questions raised in today's comments (below) here's all you need to know about BBC Radio 7; what you need to know about how to listen to Radio 7; the current 'What's On' page for Drama and how to listen again on-line via BBC iPlayer (And Yet Another Partridge... will be listed on this page following its first transmission and for the following seven days until 21 December)


Anonymous said...

Any link to listen to this on the internet?
boning: the showering of ridiculously expensive and voluminous gifts by a man to woo a woman

SharonM said...

Well that should bring some worthy Festive cheer - and relief from all those awful adverts on TV at the moment that are repeated ad nauseum (literally if I hear 'It's beginning to look like Christmas many more times).
It just shows how out of touch I am with radio though, that I didn't know there was a BBC 7 radio channel.
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